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Do you feel you could accomplish great things, but feel held back by behaviors you know aren't good for you?  Do you ever yearn for freedom from yourself?

I'm a psychotherapist in Baltimore, MD, who believes that self-defeating behaviors like procrastination, substance abuse, and endless worrying are simply expressions of our complex inner states.  I work with clients to help them develop emotional awareness, resilience, and acceptance in order to give them the tools to create a life they want to live.

When we work together to explore your inner life, we can reshape your outer life.  Don't you want to be free?

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It is my belief that everyone is addicted to something, whether that be a substance, a behavior, or even just a thought process.  The world demands a lot from us, and when that starts to feel like too much, we all go to our safe place.  In working with addiction I come from a place of understanding and experience in order to help my clients reduce harm in their lives through skills and growth.

It's hard becoming an adult.  Growing up today means facing social pressures like no time ever before, and navigating this complicated world requires a tremendous amount of energy and thought.  In working with teens and young adults, I strive primarily to be an ally and curious listener, while also helping to bring spaciousness, bravery, and humor to the experience of growing up.  

Getting caught in your own head is an outrageously painful and confusingexperience, this I know.  The world we live in today demands a kind of planning and forethought that many of us never learned the tools to handle gracefully.  When working with anxiety, I take a body-oriented approach that seeks to find balance not in what a person does, but in how they do it.