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We Work Together in Therapy

Our emotions set the stage for our behaviors, and our behaviors manage our emotions. If we don't understand what we're feeling, we will never be able to control what we're doing.  Having the courage to feel our emotions is scary, but it's the backbone of creating a life worth living.

When we work together, self exploration becomes less painful, more effective, and more thorough.  Having someone you trust to guide you through the cobwebs of your inner life makes the process of self awareness a lot easier. What look like monsters on your own are revealed to be guides to growth when we work together.

Are you ready to find out how strong you really are?



The Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Credential demonstrates that I am a fully licensed counselor in the State of Maryland. This means that I can offer the highest standard of mental health treatment to my clients. It also means that I can invoice insurance companies if you have out-of-network coverage.


The Licensed Addictions Counselor Credential demonstrates that I am recognized by the State of Colorado to be a specialist in working with substance use and addictive behavior. I completed a year and a half of additional coursework beyond graduate school in order to  master the techniques required to work with addictive behaviors. I can help you to become free of harmful habits and reclaim the power to choose in your life.

Master of Arts, Contemplative Counseling Psychology

My master's degree in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. This intensive three year program transformed me not only professionally, but personally. I learned to become more settled within myself so that I can be of greater service to my clients. The philosophy of Contemplative Psychotherapy is that simple awareness and compassion bring about positive change. I embody this by creating a space in which my clients can explore their inner and outer worlds free of judgement or obligation. I do not aim to change my clients, I aim to give them the tools and the freedom to change themselves. 

Master of Arts, Eastern Classics

My Master's Degree in Eastern Classics from St. John's College in Santa Fe.  This high-intensity three semester program is designed to submerge its students in the wisdom and teaching of the greatest minds of ancient India, China, and Japan.  This program showed me an entirely new perspective on what it meant to lead a good life and how to do so.  A life centered on present moment awareness and connection, both with myself and with the people around me.  I use the wisdom I gained in this program to offer my clients another perspective on the trials and opportunities in their lives.


Trauma Dynamics - Level I Certification

I have been trained in uprooting trauma and working with clients to engage their body's natural methods for healing trauma.  Trauma Dynamics acknowledges the role of early traumatic incidents in creating problematic behaviors that stay with us for years, and seeks to give clients the tools and support to address these incidents in the present moment.

Meditation Instructor

Many of my clients benefit greatly from mindfulness meditation instruction. I bring a secular approach to meditation that encourages clients to tap into their present moment experience and to practice bringing curiosity and compassion to their lives. There is an overwhelming body of research that demonstrates that simply 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day can result in significant increases in life satisfaction and a reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as addictive urges.  

ASIST Suicide Intervention

The desire to harm ourselves is more common than many of us would like to believe, and I have been trained in how to spot these repressed desires and work with them skillfully to prevent people from acting on them.  If you fear that you or a loved one may be considering self harm, addressing such a scary issue directly and skillfully is the best way to defuse such a situation.