You Don't Have to Live in the Grip of Fear and Worry

Overwhelming anxiety is a surprisingly common and painful condition.  Our brains are wired to protect us from threats, but they don't do a great job of assessing what's safe and what's threatening in our modern world.  Whether it be social anxiety, constant worry over losing what we love, or fear of being ourselves, anxiety drains the joy and ease out of life for so many of us.  By working with their natural resourcefulness and intelligence, my clients develop the emotional awareness, resilience, and acceptance to take their lives back from worry and start living joyously in the present.


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Free 15 minute consultation either by phone or in person

$150 for a 50 minute therapy session
$200 for a 75 minute therapy session

I understand that therapy is quite expensive - if you are unable to meet these fees, I offer sliding scale.



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